My mission is to help individuals and companies find their fundamental brand identity, and develop consistent messaging and visuals across all communication vehicles and platforms. Brands are like people. Regardless of how you style them or dress them up, others should always be able to identify their core values.

Jhenielle K. Brown is a "double dawg". She studied Advertising in the Grady School of Journalism, with a minor in Speech Communication, to earn her Bachelor of Arts in Journalism from the University of Georgia. Several years later, she earned her Master of Business Administration from her Alma Mater.


She is a mass communication professional who has over ten years of experience in B2B and B2C marketing, brand management, digital marketing and public relations. She has experience in consumer and product marketing in the retail, food & beverage, financial service technology and CPG industries. Through one of her previous professional roles, she was featured in multiple editions of the international magazine, OPI. Her most recent feature was in 2016 on page 57 of the April edition.


In addition to her professional endeavors, she enjoys community service. She founded the “Silly Sock” charity drive in 2013 through which she donates decorative and unique socks to the Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta during the Christmas holiday. She also volunteers with Junior Achievement of Georgia and the United Way of Greater Atlanta.

She has lived in three countries. She is very close to her parents, and younger brother and sister. She is married to her college sweetheart, and they currently reside in Atlanta, Georgia. She enjoys watching movies, going to church, cooking, spending time with friends, traveling to foreign countries, trying new restaurants, blogging, crafting, and event planning. To date, her favorite event to plan was her wedding.